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Classic Cannillini Fettunta on Bruschetta Recipe

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Classic Cannillini Fettunta on Bruchetta Recipe

Serves 8-12 as an appetizer

A Tuscan version of the classic Italian simple Bruscetta has the advantage that it's a little more filling, without much more work.  Like the classic Italian Bruscetta, this recipe really highlights the flavors and robustness of the newly-pressed olive oils - called Olio Nuovo. A perfect appetizer during the winter months, when the Nuovos are available - although you can really make this any time of the year. Just use a very flavorful olive oil - like Olio Verde or Pianogrillo. In general, as with all recipes that have few ingredients, when there are only 4 ingredients, every one has to be superior and flavorful, or it's not worth makiing (or eating)


Country Baguette - the fresher the better

Garlic - ideally hard-neck garlic

Olive Oil (ideally Olio Novello)

2 cans Rega Rega Cannellini Beans

Sea Salt - ideally flake salt or Fluer de Sel


Slice baguette into 1/4" slices and toast

Rub with raw garlic (if using soft-neck garlic, go light on the garlic.  If using hard-nexk garlic, rub to your hearts content)

Mash two cans of cannellini beans with a potato masher, until roughly mashed.  You don't want the paste to be too smooth, but you want it to hold together.

Place a considerable dollop on each spice of toast, and top with a gernous amount of Olio Nuovo.