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  • Chocolat Moderne Blood Orange Caramel Sauce


Chocolat Moderne Blood Orange Caramel Sauce

8.25 oz jar - New York, NY


Close your eyes and take a small tongue full of this blood orange caramel sauce and be ready to be surprised! 

The first words that come to your mind are smooth, smooth, and creamy!  The bright citrus point that you get immediately dissolves away to something un-describable and yet familiar. 

To the nose it might remind you of the five and dime Sundae.

Open your eyes and take your second small spoonful. It looks like caramel with a little bit of graininess to it that you can see. To the mouth there is no grainy feel at all, just the wonderful smoothness that is firm and spreads easily with your tongue on the roof of your mouth. 

As it flattens out in your mouth that’s when you get to taste the flavors of the blood orange sweetness and again that hidden flavor.

It’s that hidden flavor that draws you back in every time. It’s just the right combination of everything coming together that makes it perfect. 

Sweet, but not too sweet, so that it overpowers your senses. 

You may not be able to identify the mystery flavor but once you know it’s Bergamot it all makes sense. 

Subtle but present, it’s the finishing flavor that gives this caramel sauce sophistication. Combined with all the lip smacking, cheeks sucking in, flavoring tasting that you are doing, it is super fun! 

Truly spoon worthy, you won’t need anything to go with it. 

But if you, do think chocolate and ice cream and maybe even cheese. 

If you close your eyes again you will still remember the smoothness, the flavors and finish. What a wonderful caramel sauce this is!

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