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Casina Rossa Caperberries in Prosecco

180 gram jar - Abruzzo, Italy

Cucunci and the berry they grow up to be.

An acquired taste capers, are. They come from capparis spinosa which is an evergreen shrub growing to as big as 3ft by 6ft wide. The caper, which we typically add to dishes cooked, is the early bud of the plants flower.

While the older version of the bud, after a life of blooming , becomes the berry and more often is eaten-out-of-hand, or can be used as the topping of a good idea like a dirty martini, an interesting salad or an omelet.

Many capers and the more mature selves, the caperberry, are older and milder in taste than their younger brethren, the caper, are kept in brine and not in wine.

These delicious caper berries are well aged in Prosecco, which makes them less in your face (and not salty) and makes these adult capers wiser and more sophisticated!

Eat one and you symbolically reach joy (at least within your mouth). And like M&M’s, it’s just plain fun to eat more than one!