• Biscuiterie de Provence Citron Almond Cake - Gluten Free
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Biscuiterie de Provence Citron Almond Cake - 240 gr/8.47 oz. - France 

Flourless and gluten-free. You won't believe it, and you won't care. This is an awesome cake - rich, moist, nutty and buttery - and never mind that it comes in a tin with a pull-tab top.

Actually, it's the tin that keeps this little cake fresh and makes it ideal for a picnic or camping trip or any kind of travel. It's also just as delicious at home ... perfect for a party or just to have ready for dessert.

Serving Suggestions
Try it with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream, or with fresh fruit. Our apricot and raspberry syrups make a perfect accompaniment.

Serves 4-5. Though this is a small cake, about 8 inches diameter, it is rich, and though the box says serves 4 to 5, one could easily eat the whole thing in one sitting. But, let's face it, all we need is a sliver. As part of a wonderful desert, it can serve more.


sugar, almonds 32%, eggs, fresh butter, pure lemon extract 0.1%