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  • Belazu Sour Cherry Molasses


Belazu Sour Cherry Molasses

250 ml bottle - Turkey

ingredients: Cherries

Belazu Sour Cherry Molasses
To the nose, a very subtle, sweet cherry smell emanates from the bottle.

To the eye, it pours nicely, revealing a very, very, very deep, black color. If you move it around on the spoon, you can see the deep red color. It is quite mesmerizing.

To the taste, a sip; the initial flavor is sweet, then you have a cherry moment as a deep, rich cherry flavor comes through, finishing with a tart, strong announcement. If you use your tongue and dip the tip and bring it in, the cherry flavor spreads across the upper roof of your mouth, followed by tartness, and then you realize there's a sweetness.

Now that you know what to expect, going all into a bigger taste brings all the flavors together at once. Sweetness, cherry, and sourness, and then finish with a tart punch.

It is super, super enjoyable. It is absolutely, positively interesting that, depending on what technique or method you use to taste, the results all share commonality and, at the same time, can be totally, totally, totally different.

Perhaps it is the sweetness that makes you want to take it over and over and over again, or perhaps it is the familiarity of the cherry that makes you want to enjoy it again and again and again.

Not only is it quite fun via the spoon, but it is also inspiring to the mind for what you can do with it. So many ideas will blossom.

Simply add it to your daily routine, whether it be yogurt, oatmeal, or to dip your croissant in. Or consider adding it to marinades for both meat and vegetables. Pork might be the perfect match. Possibly eggplant.

And now that baking season is in full swing, adding it to cookies or cakes and pies adds not just flavor but also serves as an enhancer, a vehicle to excite the other ingredients to shine.

Easy ways to use Belazu Sour Cherry Molasses.

Add to dressings, drizzle on your carrot cake or add to cheesecake, add to a marinade, add to your yogurt, top a scoop of ice cream, drizzle your yam puff for Thanksgiving, add to your one pot meals, and your next cocktail.