Askinosie Chocolate - Springfield, MISSOURI

Askinosie Chocolate is a craft bean-to-bar chocolate maker based in Springfield, Missouri (USA). The company is named after Shawn Askinosie, founder and master chocolate maker.  Askinosie Chocolate is one of the premier "tree-to-bar" producers in the world of chocolate, as they work directly with the cacao farmers, featuring them proudly on the front of every bar.  Askinosie practices direct trade which helps ensure lasting and productive relationships with the cocoa farmers and co-ops and, not only ensures the highest possible quality raw ingredients (which leads to some of the best tasting chocolate bars!), but helps encourage long-term and sustainable growing and processing practices. Profit sharing, as well as fair trade pricing, and open accounting have also been fixtures of Shawn's business model since its founding; he believes that a level of "shared ownership" fosters the best decision-making in both the short and long term. 

The following bars are available in our Seattle retail store* only: 1425 Elliott Ave West, Seattle 98119

* If you are placing a pick-up order (ordering online, to pick up in the store) and would like to add an Askinosie bar (or more ...) to your order, please call us (206.286.9988) after you have placed your online order and we can help you get those bars added to your order.