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  • Argencove 70-Percent Dark Chocolate Banana Bar


Argencove 70% Dark Chocolate Banana Bar

50 gram bar - Granada, Nicaragua

Single origin 70% dark chocolate bar with banana, cinnamon and cloves. Made with Nicaraguan cacao and bananas, with the banana inclusions scattered on the back of the bar. It's more than simply adding banana to chocolate. You really need to chew this bar to appreciate it.

The bar is reminicent of the traditional practice of turning a banana into a dessert all by itself. The banana is usually cooked - sometimes baked, sometimes fried - often with the addition of spices, cheese or brown sugar.

Silver: 2021 International Chocolate Awards for Dark Chocolate Bars w. Inclusions or Pieces.

Ella's tasting notes: Cinnamon and cloves can both become overpowering if not done well, and Argencove has done a great job keeping them in balance.  The spices play well both with the banana and chocolate flavors, and add a warmth and depth to this bar.  Bananas are naturally sweet, so the bar tastes sweeter than a typical 70% bar.  The Nicaraguan cacao is also a great flavor profile for theis pairing.  If you like bananas and chocolate, you will like this bar.

ingredients: cocoa, sugar, banana, cinnamon, clove


may contain traces of peanuts and/or treenuts, due to chared equipment.

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