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Apicultura Dr Pescia Rare Ivy Flower Honey
0.55 pounds
- Tuscany, Italy

Super Healthy Ivy Honey
Common plant, Rare Honey from Tuscany!

As you place the first taste in your mouth a separation happens as a unique vaporization of some of the sugar disappears off the tip of the tongue. Then the floral notes with a hint of citrus and then green ivy flavor evolves, very lightly in the back sensors of your mouth.

If you close your eyes you'll realize it is the back of your tongue sending you the information. On the second spoonful you will find the texture to be almost gritty, yet more like little tiny balls pleasantly dancing on your tongue.

This Ivy flover honey, (yes it’s a misprint on the back it’s flower,) is indeed a sweet nectar made from that often maligned green climbing plant.

Many do not even know that this plant has tiny flowers with little petals, that's a very important plant for honey bees. Researchers have recently found that because ivy produces nectar and pollen in the autumn, just before winter, that it's important to the bees for making honey stores for the cold of winter.

Ivy is often thought of as destructive to the trees and buildings it climbs on. In fact they are finding that it doesn't harm the trees and acts as an insulation for the buildings. In addition, the ivy appears to help reducing pollution in urban settings.

It’s a wonderful honey to add to your collection or for your first honey. Enjoy!

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