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  • Andes Pink Salt and Native Chili Blend



Andes Pink Salt and Native Chili Blend

3.5 oz jar - Peru

Chili blended HOT

This Andes Pink Salt is blended with the wonderful Peruvian yellow chili powder.

To the nose it smells of the pepper with a little moisture from the salt.

To the mouth, it has a nice heat bite and the pleasant Andes Pink Salt saltiness.

This salt is perfect for adding flavor enhancement to a dish or to finish with. The yellow orange salt looks good on eggs or your bowl of rice.

The peppers for the yellow chili powder are hand harvested in Peru. With some serious heat, it opens the palate and the flavor of the dish. In the end this salt does not leave you with a burning sensation, instead the heat is pleasant and full of joy.

Whether you like hot or not doesn't matter in this case because you can regulate the heat with the number of pinches you choose. It is one perfect "hot" salt to have in your pantry for when you want to add a little heat in your life.