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Acetoria (Acetum Manufaktur) Red Currant Vinegar

250 ml - Alto Adige, Italy

The hidden gem of Acetoria Vinegars

All vinegars taste the same. Well, not really. Remove industrial vinegars from the mix and it is more like each vinegar is uniquely different.

I was always wondered why some very fabulous recipes, old classical ones, called for red wine vinegar. If you took the elements of each recipe and tasted (or smelled) them alone, grocery store red wine vinegar is unpalatable! It is like acid detergent colored red with not even a hint of grape or even a wine. (Just me whining)

We have tasted and used a lot of vinegars over the last 20 years and our palate has developed and matured. We certainly learned early on (from our friend Kitty Keller) that good red wine vinegar is actually quite flavorful, sharp, acidic, (not acid) and adds to a recipe. (It’s one of those food moments when you slap your forehead and say “I get it”).

This Red Currant Vinegar from Acetoria (Acetorium) is one of the amazing examples of what a vinegar can be. This vinegar starts with a red currant fruit wine, carefully made to not over ferment the juice, thus keeping the fruity sweetness. The wine is then converted to vinegar.

Eliza says, “The end result is a uniquely tangy, full-bodied red currant flavor, with a nice sweetness and balanced acidity."

Most “fruit vinegars” you find on the market today are merely fresh fruit macerated into white wine vinegar for a period of time. Although often delicious, they are not the same thing.

"Acetoria does everything he can to optimize the favor, and balance the acidity with the right amount of sweetness. And I think his red currant is the best example of that.”

Another amazing fruit wine vinegar from Acteoria - this time made with Red Currants.  The small currant is unmistakable, along with the current flavor.  The consistency of balsamic, but made the traditional way, this vinegar has beautiful sweetness to counter-balance the 5% acidity.

Perfect for salads or over grilled steak. Yum!

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