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Acetoria (Acetum Manufaktur) Quince Balsamic Vinegar

250 ml - Alto Adige, Italy

Like nothing you have ever had before!

The Amazing Acetoria Quince Balsamic Vinegar

The first whiff: A fruity, round, sweet smell that tickles the nose. The smell of quince makes for the fruity flavor, and the tingle in your nose is from the acid.

If you don't know the quince fruit or the quincy flavor, this vinegar has it. 

Dip your tongue into a spoonful of quince vinegar, and your tongue is enveloped by this rich liquid. It feels thick, and as you lift your tongue to the roof of your mouth, the flavor of the quince comes through. 

Repeated sucking of your tongue allows the flavor to roll around as your senses enjoy the taste. Be careful not to squeeze too hard, as the acid in the vinegar may roll to the back of your throat and inflict a tiny bit of pain.

This vinegar compels you to chew, in a sense, to capture, feel, and taste all the different nuances of the flavorings the quince has.

It turns and shapes and moves within your mouth. It feels alive! As the flavor of the quince dissipates off the tip of your tongue, the taste moves to the edges and up to the roof of your mouth. As you suck in your cheeks, you will squeeze the flavor and fully enjoy this vinegar.

If you take more than a tongue full, there's a stronger hit of the acidic side of the vinegar. You will get moments of pointy pokes and sharp, crisp twinges. But, in the end, this quince vinegar is sweet, sour, smooth, and round!

Once you taste this quince vinegar, you will be drawn to it, like a fly to honey, and want to taste it over and over again. Trying to discern all the flavors and nuances, just like you would do with a complex balsamic vinegar. This quince vinegar is quite a treat! One of the best joys we have had in a really long time!

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