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12-Month DOP Fiore Sardo Cheese from Gavoi Sardegna

1/4 Wheel (1.6 to 1.75 pounds) - Sardinia

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Pecorino Sardo and Fiore Sardo (Smoked Pecorino) are two cheeses Sardinia is particularly known for.

This cheese is a classic DOP 100% locally made sheep milk Pecorino aged 12 months, and then lightly smoked with wild olive wood - giving it a slightly smoky, nutty flavor.

This particular cheese is from Gavoi, a commune in central Sardinia, part of the province of Nuoro, in the natural region of Barbagia. It's beautiful dairies overlook the Lake of Gusana.

Cheese from Gavoi is the only Italian PDO sheep cheese produced with raw milk.
At this age (12 months), it is considered a grating cheese - much like Parmigiano-Reggiano.  But like Parm, it can be eaten straight, if you like.