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  • Artichokes with Stem Romana Style in Olive Oil


Artichokes with Stems Romana Style in Olive Oil

550 gram jar - Italy

Artichokes with Stem Romana Style in Olive Oil

These elegant, long-stemmed artichokes are pretty and big. You could, of course, cut them up and make a recipe... though you could do the same with Carciofi alla Romana (one of the most famous artichoke recipes) using artichoke hearts without the stem.

Instead, think beauty. Lay just one artichoke down gently on a plate. Dress it up with some fresh mint and parsley leaves... or not.

Gently slice it with a sharp paring knife and eat it one enjoyable piece at a time. Fork it for your first bite.

The result is a bite filled with flavor and a wonderful mouthfeel. The bite is not too soft but tender, with just the right resistance and a gentle artichoke-y crunch. The leaves and the heart have their own bite and marry well together. Unlike the grocery artichoke hearts that you get preserved in brine, there is no mushiness here, and the leaves are soft enough to easily chew—at least 99 percent of the time.

The long stem is just an extension of all the joy that a Romana-style artichoke heart has. It is, all on its own, an appetizer you could serve at a suave table for one. Or even more...


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Fabulous Artichokes!
We just tried these artichokes for the first time! We truly LOVED them! We served them on top of vine ripened tomatoes with fresh basil and fine slices of spring milk parmigiana reggiano - also from Chef Sop - and the results we just fabulous. The artichokes were perfect and delicious! A new staple for our pantry!!
by Chuck