• Whole Artichokes with Stem Romana Style in Olive Oil
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Whole Artichokes Romana Style in Olive Oil

550 gram jar - Italy


Whole Artichokes with Stem Romana Style in Olive Oil

These elegant long stemmed artichokes are pretty and big. You, of course, could cut them up and make a recipe … though you could do the same with Carciofi alla Romana (One of the most famous artichoke recipes) without the stem.

Instead think beauty. Lay just one artichoke down gently on a plate. Dress it up with some fresh mint and parsley leaves or not.

Gently slice it with a sharp paring knife into one enjoyable piece at a time. Fork it for your first bite.

The result is a bite filled with flavor and a wonderful feel in the mouth.

The bite is soft and tender, with just the right resistance and a gentle crunch. The leaves and the heart have their own bite and marry well together.

The long stem is just an extension of all the joy that a Romana style Artichoke has. It indeed is, all on its own, an appetizer you could serve at suave table for one. Or even more …