Tim's Red Tomato Sauce Recipe


Rice Bran Oil to just cover the pan to fry

Olive Oil to add if the ground beef is looking to dry

1 pound ground beef - more fat is better

2 sweet onions diced

2 garlic heads roughly chopped to minced (depends on your garlic desire)

4 cans Sardinian tomatoes - 112 ounces of tomatoes and juice

4 bell pepper red and yellow chopped 

10 mushrooms like cremini loosley chopped

Red Pepper Flakes 

1 cup Maple Syrup from a tree or Muscavodo Sugar

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Tim's Red Tomato Sauce Recipe

The beauty of this recipe is that you can adjust and modify and not be perfect with the quantity and it is still good! The quantity in this recipe is good for a gaggle of actors. Making less is easy as the ratio of ingredients is not critical. 

1. Fry the ground beef in rice bran oil over hight heat, cook fully, even with some crispy bits. Salt and pepper. Ideally this is all the salt and pepper you will need. You can always add more later when serving.

2. Add onions - Start here if you are making a sauce without beef.

Cook together as onions "clear" and become translucent

3. Reduce heat to medium and add garlic and continue to stir

4. As the garlic permeates the steam add bell peppers and the mushrooms.

5. Stir / toss until mushrooms change color and soften a bit

6. Add cans of tomatoes

7. Almost fill one can with water and transfer the water from one can to another to get the remaining tomato juice. Add the water to the pot.

8. turn down the heat to medium stir and bring to a bubbly boil.

9. reduce heat to low to simmer and cover leaving a crack to allow for some steam to escape.

10. Add maple syrup or sugar

11. Cook for as long as you can stirring occasionaly. Reduce some of the liquid to thicken sauce to the consistency you prefer.