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Tamaki Haiga Mai Rice

4.4 lbs (2 Kilos) - California

As seen in Saveur magazine!

Tamaki Haiga Mai Japanese short-grain rice is partially milled: the brown bran has been removed, but unlike white rice, the nutrient-laden germ remains. Haiga-mai ("rice germ" in Japanese) rice is a semi-transparent beige in color, and it tastes and cooks similarly to regular Japanese white rice - but it maintains many of the natural vitamins and other nutrients lost in processing white rice. Rice germ contains Vitamin B1, B2, B6, and E as well as fiber.


Prepare Tamaki Haiga Mai rice as you would white rice - unlike brown rice, it only takes only a few minutes longer to cook. Once you taste it, you may never eat fully milled white rice again. And think of all the extra nutrition you're getting - with no sacrifice in flavor or texture!

About the Producer

Williams Rice Milling Company produces the Tamaki brand of rices in the heart of the California rice farming community, in northern California's Sacramento valley. Established in 1988, this small mill is dedicated solely to the production of premium quality rice.

Farmers in Japan deeply respect the ebb and flow of nature. The folks at Williams Rice have combined traditional farming principles with modern technology to achieve rice of consistent quality and superior taste. Their millers carefully select and refine Tamaki Rice using the latest in equipment and most advanced techniques.

To guarantee that the very best rice is delivered to you, Williams maintains control over every phase of rice production, from growing through packaging. All of their growers are carefully chosen, and the rice fields are inspected from pre-planting through harvest. Their quality control department not only checks the rice for grade and appearance, but also for cooking characteristics and taste before packaging.

Tamaki Haiga is made from the "Koshihikari" strain of rice, which is considered to be the premier strain of commercially cultivated short grain rice - there are over 300 different strains grown in Japan.


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I'm so glad I tried this rice, it is so delicious. Very flavorful with a nice texture. I am one of many who love the Chef Shop's newsletter, I have been introduced to so many delectable offerings through it - this rice is one I discovered there (and it goes nicely with the great soy sauce I found on another issue of the newsletter.)
by leigh lennox