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Taku River Sockeye Salmon - 5 pounds - Canada
Wild Never Frozen Salmon!

If you live here in the Northwest you know  Taku river is some 400 miles to the south of the Copper River.

And the one you look forward to as well.

Our fishmonger loves the Taku because it is now the one that is “freshly caught” on the ‘docks”.

Those of you who know, know that we sell you salmon as fresh as we possibly can get. As you read this know that we will be having our first Taku for dinner, fresh off the boat!

It's hard to imagine that even here in the Northwest, it’s common to find salmon that is not fresh and never frozen.

Fresh caught (meaning less than 48 hours out of the water) salmon is a very special treat. Remember the rule is, if your fish smells, it ain’t fresh!

Tonight I will fry both sides of Taku sockeye salmon (also referred to as "Taku Reds") in a little rice bran oil and a touch of butter, salt & pepper. Get a good finish and then pop it in the oven.

If I'm feeling fancy I might squeeze a little lemon on top to “garnish”.

That's all a perfect piece of salmon will ever need. No fancy cream-based sauce, no overly herby spicy mix needed.

Ok, the one exception to the “stovetop to the oven” is salmon cooked outside next to burning wood. It's very Northwest and it’s a really good reason to be living!

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