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  • Stonegrindz Almond Butter and Black Lava Salt 80-Percent Dark Chocolate Bar


Stonegrindz Almond Butter & Black Lava Salt 80% Dark Chocolate Bar

57 gram bar - Scottsdale, AZ

80-percent dark chocolate blend (50% Ecuador/50% Peru) ground with freshly roasted almonds & black lava salt.

Ella's tasting notes: Blending the two origins provides a very balanced backdrop of rich chocolate to this bar.  The chocolate melts like silky butter.  The salty notes are quickly released, followed by the flavors of roasted almonds and rich chocolate. The salt falls into the background as the almonds and chocolate take center stage. The roasted alsmonds have been ground completely smooth; they are one with the chocolate. The mouthfeel is pure silk. There is little sugar in this bar compared to most chocolate bars, making this more of a savory flavor experience.

ingredients:  cacao, cacao butter, cane sugar, roasted almonds, sea salt


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not wowed
I mean it's good, don't get me wrong. I felt I could get similar tasting bars easier with lower cost. Now their cappuccino bar…best I've ever had! Nothing compares :)
by Rochelle