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  • Savini Tartufi Dwarf Peaches Black Truffles


Savini Tartufi Dwarf Peaches Black Truffles

175 grams - Italy

Delightfully truffle-y little gems that are surprisingly yummy.  Eat them like olives.'

ingredients: dwarf peaches (53%), sunflower oil, salt, flavor, wine vinegar, sugar, dried Italian black summer truffles (tuber aestivum vitt. 0.1%)


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One of my favorites!
The seed of a dwarf peach - a variety of peach-nectarine grown in Southern Italy - is soft and chewable because the fruit is picked prematurely, before it is fully formed. Dwarf peaches are packed with black truffles, whose aroma they completely soak up. They are deliciously crunchy and fragrant tiny pickles, which you can eat right out of the jar, but they are a terrific garnish for a platter of prosciutto and other deli meats, or alongside grilled fish or roast chicken. Hard to resist!
by Victor