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Sakura Petal Syrup
200 gram bottle
- Japan

Sakura Petal Syrup
Sakura, a flowering cherry tree.

One of the most quiet tastes we have ever had. If you expect some overpowering cherry flavor you would be incorrect. This cherry blossom honey needs a quiet palate looking for a sweetness that has nice floral presence.

Cherry blossoms are more than subtle, in some ways they are almost nonexistent. Yet when used in the right way they are quite the powerhouse.

It’s light, it’s flowery, it’s like what you want your chewable aspirin to taste like.

To be sure though, it's not like anything you have had before. It’s not like overly potent a  rose flower water or a lemon oil. It really is in its own little world.

Dip your tongue into a spoonful and you have this wonderful sweet sensation, even the sweetness is mild, and the cherry blossom is there! It really is like nothing else. Your taste buds send this signal to your brains and says focus on me! This is amazing!

So sipping it, or dipping in it might be the best way to enjoy this Sakura honey syrup. On the other hand, if you need another reason or two, think Cherry Blossom Honey Milk. (In taste test it taste like your memory of strawberry milk only way better.) Or think your homemade mochi or in a light french pastry!

It is incredibly delicious!

ingredients: cherry blossoms, glucose, sugar, lemon juice, salt, Umeboshi vinegar 

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