Reed Avocado & Red Rice Vegetable Turrine w/miso from Tim Mar on Vimeo.

This dish really only takes a little bit of time, and the result is awesome and tasty! And looks great on the plate. A couple of chef tricks thrown in plus a few key ingredients and you will have great success with this dish. Don't be concerned too much with the "quantities", it's a free flowing recipe.

Combine in a bowl to whisk:

1 Burdock Root, about 12 shavings

white miso, 2 spoonfuls

Black Sesame Oil, a glug of it

Yuzu Kosho, a spoonful

Fresh Lime Juice of 1 lime or Yuzu juice

Fresh Ginger grated

Reed Avocado

Red Bell Pepper

Red Rice cooked

sesame seed

sea salt

The best part of shooting recipes is that you get to eat them when done!