Our friend and awesomely creative recipe creator, Michael Natkin, took on the challenge of making a new recipe on the fly using the rich, giant Reed Avocado!

Though we often don't get past the phase of eating a Reed Avocado straight with a spoon, I encourage you to plan a meal or two around one. When you have a dish that circles around the buttery, smooth flesh of this baby, you really get a meal treat that is second to none!

In spite of the fires and drought, the Reeds continue to be awesome.

And though mother nature is always a threat to our food sources every year, it's the disaster of mass, man-made construction of rows after rows of houses over thousands of acres that's the biggest threat to our natural food sources, as well as all food being created in mechanized process factories!

Ingredients for the Reed Avocado Salsa
couple cloves of garlic
shallot or red onion
jalapeno pepper
Reed Avocado
limes (juice)

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