Pico de Gallo Fresh Salsa Recipe


600 to 680 grams tomatoes diced small about 6 medium sized tomatoes

1/2 red onion diced

1/2 sweet onion like a Walla Walla diced

1 bell pepper diced

1 lime optional

3 tablespoons Espelt Vinegar

1/2 cup cilantro chopped

sea salt and pepper

Many salsa recipes include 1 jalapeno seeded and diced - we make it optional

Consider addding peach, pineapple, mango, watermelon


Pico de Gallo Fresh Salsa Recipe

This recipe started as the normal salsa recipe, except when I was putting it together I did not have any citrus acid like lemon juice available so I routed around in the pantry looking for acid and chose the Espelt de Garnatxa vinegar.

The result was Wowsa! Super delicious and the vinegar seems to make it cool(er) and refreshing! Over time it gets brighter in flavor. Add a little lime and it gets even better!


1. Dice tomatoes and place in a large bowl

2. Dice the onions add to the tomatoes

3. Dice the bell peppers and add to the bowl

4. Add the juice of the one lime and toss - optional

5. Add the vinegar and toss

Best flavor is to let it all rest overnight to all come together.