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Murtas Dairy Su Entu Sardinian Pecorino

approx 2.5 pounds (1/16 wheel) - Gerrei, Sardinia (Italy)

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18 month Su Entu Pecorino Sardo
from the Murtas Dairy

Pecorino is a cheese made from sheep milk that is aged like Parmigiano-Reggiano. Pecorino Sardo is harder and dryer than Pecorino Romano and it has a very pronounced sheep cheese feel. It is sharp and very pungent.

Pecorino Sardo is simply different. A firm cheese yet soft in a way, with some crystallization, it is milder and nuttier with a smoky personality. Named by Murtas Dairy, Su Entu is perhaps the most coveted Pecorino Sardo.

This cheese is full of flavor and it might take a moment to get to know it. But it is special. There are devout followers of Pecorino. And this Pecorino Sardo is the pinnacle of them all. Typically it is all sold and consumed long before it reaches 12 months of aging. These wheels we have been aged in a private location in the States. This aging adds a bit more crumble texture, all the while maintaining its unique flavor profile.

We sent a little to Victor Hazan and this is what he thought ....

“An artisan on the island of Sardinia produces this cheese from the milk of his ewes, aging it for 12 months. It is perfection. It displays what no other milk than that of a sheep can produce, a cheese of unique physical intensity, a riveting grip on the palate, and flavor that lengthens with each swallow. Served as an appetizer, with unsalted crackers, it is a powerful stimulus to the appetite.”