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  • MISSION Chocolate Pamonha White Bar with Sweet Corn


MISSION Chocolate Pamonha White Bar with Sweet Corn (Tamale)

60 gram bar - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Silver (Americas): 2021 International Chocolate Awards for White Chocolate Bars w. Infusion/Flavouring.

Pamonha is known as Tamal de Elote in Mexico, a great tribute to corn, and one of the great wonders of gastronomy. This bar has the creaminess of the white chocolate combined with the sweet flavor of corn -- it's a wonderous combination.

It is inspired by a Brazilian delicacy of the same name, the humble and heavenly pamonha (pah-MO-nyah). This bar is made from the freshest, ripened, super sweet corn that has been soaked in salt water, ground into a pulp with some fat (usually butter or margarine) and milk, and wrapped in corn husks.

This bar pays tribute to this Brazilian dessert. There's the corn (of course), the fat (cacao butter), the milk (in the white chocolate), the crunchy sea salt, and the overall density. The bar is also slightly soft - just like the real thing. And it's delicious. If you love corn, this is a must try. This bar is a great use of white chocolate in a unique inclusion bar that you won't find just anywhere else. In fact, the wrapper is all in Portuguese.

ingredients: cacao butter, organic sugar, milk powder, corn, himalayan salt.