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Mina Shakshuka Moroccan Tomato Sauce - large jar

26 oz - New York

Shakshuka - morning, noon & night
A meaty sauce without the meat.

Breakfast for some, lunch or dinner for others, Shakshuka is a delicious dish that is easy to make and it is even easier when you use Cafe Mina’s version. 

Shakshuka has a long history with many theories of when and where it originated. An everyday “one pot dish” in a big swath of countries from Tunisia and Morocco and east to Egypt, Israel and Syria. 

Variations with different spices abound and the addition of lamb, potatoes and artichokes is common. Cultural variations of tomato-based sauces span the globe and this Moroccan tomato sauce is the spicy one! 

Mina’s Shashuka starts like a tomato sauce you would make at home. With chunks and bits of texture giving not only a flavor but also a great mouth feel. The tomato is absolutely present along with the spices and an all-around heat. It’s a heat that’s tingly, pleasantly hot (not spicy) and when you finish there’s a wonderful aftertaste. 

If you’re not careful you’ll eat the whole dish before you know it. The combination of the egg whites, the yolk and the tomato creates a mouth feel of pleasure that is very rewarding, satisfying and very homey. 

This meaty dish has no meat, instead your heart is filled with tomatoes and eggs. This dish is simple and plain, easy and quick, just like you want your vegetarians to be! 


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Tried this as lunch w/poached eggs. Terrific! Also had w/pasta. Very, very good. You must try this sauce.
by John Manzi
I served this sauce with a poached egg over a lightly fried corn tortilla. The next day, my husband had some of the leftover sauce over a piece of toast and enjoyed it. I would absolutely buy this again. Terrific flavor!
by Lynn