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  • Mexican Avocado Blossom Raw Honey


Mexican Avocado Blossom Honey

17 oz jar - Mexico

Avocado Blossom Raw Honey

As soon as you open the jar you can smell the richness of this avocado honey. This dark, super rich honey is strong, unlike the previous two honeys which float in an endless cloud in your mouth.

This deep honey seems to wrap itself around your tongue and hug you. And unlike many tree honeys, this honey is very, very smooth. No rough patches or jarring bitter notes, just a smooth treat.

Emboldened with flavor, it takes a moment to get used to but once you do you’ll find yourself sucking in your cheeks trying to get the last bit of honey taste.

And as you suck in your cheeks, at the back your throat, the honey lingers holding its own as if sitting waiting for something to happen.

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