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  • La Trinquelinette Green-Gage Plum Jam


La Trinquelinette Green Gage Plum Jam (Reine-Claude)

370 gram jar - Saint-Leger-Vauban, France

from La Trinquelinette

What is the green gage plum? In a nutshell it is this ….

Known as the Reine Claude in France (and where this jam is from), or Queen Claude (Louis the XII), is beautiful small plum that is not readily available. If you see one try one!

Now if you are expecting the now commercially popular hard and tart plums, this not for you. These little gems are more sweet than you would expect and juicy too! They are not pucker plums, these are sweet plums and why this jam is so delicious!

How delicious is this Green Gage Jam? It is sooo much so. I put it in the refrigerator so that I could taste it later to jot down a few words and when I pulled the jar out, and half of of the jam is missing!

Who even knew it was in there?

I thought the murky brownish-green color would have dissuaded everyone from trying it, let alone consuming it. Clearly that didn’t stop them and once the royal “they” tried it, the consumption was swift.

To the mouth it is a bit sticky, in a good way, and it is sweet, but not too sweet. It has a few odd bits to give you a chew, but nothing significant. This jam has a smoothness that is good.

And it has this green gage plum flavor. Which if you are unfamiliar to, it might sound a little scary, but trust me, it is not.

This plum jam is like the friend that you knew growing up and now that you have aged realize they are the good stuff. Full of flavor, just not what you are expecting. Like your old friend, subtle, pronounced, opinionated, yet still sweet, and spreadable.

This jam spreads perfectly on a nice piece of toast. So good you might even forget the butter. In fact you don’t need the butter because this jam is creamy dreamy!

And apparently good enough for everyone.


ingredients: greengage plums (55%), brown sugar, pectin