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Hot Yuzu Sauce - Green

3.2 oz jar - Japan

ingredients: vinegar, yuzu citrus pepper (yuzu zest, chilli, pepper, salt), chilli pepper, sea salt

Same as the Hot Yuzu Red Sauce version but with less red chili heat. Instead, the Green is spicier and helps you exfoliate almost immediately. Your mouth tingles, in a good way, and your mouth is jumping.

There is more saltiness and a stronger vinegar effect than the red. This comes through as more pucker and a bit of eye twinging from the salt.

The vinegar does hit the back of the throat with a little punch. Only in the end is there the zest of the yuzu.

I find it spicier and not as hot as the red. This is where your hot taste receptors will need to tell you their own story after tasting these twins of sauce.