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Hey Boo Mango Coconut (Dairy Free) Curd (Jam)

10 oz jar - San Francisco, CA

Hey boo, mango coconut,

This is a very smooth-looking jam.

If you've never been Hey Boo'ed with any of her dairy-free, coconut treats, you've been missing out on something pretty special.

These srikaya coconut jams are delicious. Smooth, in this case, mango - you get a flavor-packed spoonful of fun and a brightness that's hard to describe.

Dip your spoon in and cautiously take half a spoonful out. It's pretty sticky, not runny by any means, and really holds its shape.

Lick the bottom of the spoon with the top of your tongue, and you will get the smooth feel and the joyous creamy flavor.

If you fill your mouth with a spoonful, you will get the full experience of both the mango and the coconut combined to make the sweet flavor combination come through.

The simple flavors play so well together that they pair with just about anything. Think of cheese on top of a cracker topped with mango coconut, and you have an appetizer fit for a queen!

Have some on hand when someone surprises you, have someone have some on hand to surprise someone - an appetizer in an instant and a joy that can last all night long.

Even better when its chilled and you warm it up with your mouth! 

coconut milk , sugar, egg yolks, mango puree, tapioca syrup, salt, citric acid, carob gum