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Hey Boo Lemon Coconut (Dairy Free) Curd (Jam)

10 oz jar - San Francisco, CA

Hey Boo Coconut Jam is a dreamy, creamy, all natural spread! Chilled in the refrigerator and then warmed (in your mouth) it goes from cold to gold!

Hey Boo Coconut Jam has a very soft mouth feel as you taste; even on a spoon, your inclination is to use the tip of your tongue to start. Pushing up to the roof of your mouth as the flavor of lemon dominates and mixes nicely with the coconut milk. 

If you haven’t closed your eyes yet, you will on the next taste as you try to define the flavor. As the flavor spreads you will find your inner cheeks puckering up with a wonderful lemony memory. 

It’s not just lemon. And it is not a coconut milk dominated mouth either. This combination goes to a third tier of complexity, that isn’t complex at all. Simple, flavorrich, a sweet gift to any honey you might know. This lemon coconut curd is a special gift! (to yourself!)

If you loved the Hey Boo Coconut Caramel then your going love the Lemony Coconut too! 

Spread this lemon coconut curd on Toast, Waffles, Yogurt, and dipping fruit. Make it a bake it regular in your pastries.

coconut milk , sugar, egg yolks, lemon juice, sea salt, carob gum, lemon oil 



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This lemon coconut curd is delicious. I love using in on my scones, either baked in or added after baking. So good! I have also added it to buttercream frosting. It's creamy sweet and delicious!
by Love2Cook