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  • Henri Maire Escargot - 4 dozen small


Sarl Henri Maire Wild Escargot (Snails) de Burgundy - 4 dozen small - France

Wild Burgundy Snails, a timeless French delicacy, are finally available to gourmets in the United States. The finest purveyor in Paris, La Maison de l’Escargot, has been satisfying the most discriminating palettes in France since 1894.

Introducing Wild Burgundy Snails of Henri Maire. Whether in three-star Michelin-rated restaurants like Paris’ Taillevent - #1 dining destination in the World, 2001 Zagat’s survey - Chez Lasserre, or Alain Ducasse’s Grande Cascade, Hélix Pomatia Linne snails have graced the finest tables in France. Similarly, consumers who frequent La Maison de l’Escargot’s shop in the 15th, or the fashionable right-bank shops of Galeries Lafayette Gourmet, serve only the best in their homes.

The formula is quite simple, frankly. As with all gastronomic delicacies, escargots exhibit varying levels of quality. La Maison’s snails have maintained an unwavering reputation for incomparable products amid the demands of the culinary capital of the world, because they begin with purely wild Burgundy snails - Hélix Pomatia Linne - delivered live. These savory delights from Potironne Company are then hand-sorted by size, washed, and cooked in an aromatic bouillon according to the same ancestral standards used in 1894.

health benefits of snails
How would have thunk that these great-tasting snails are actually good for you? Then again, things that live or grow close to the earth generally are - and snails are no exception. This is just another example of how flavor and nutrition go together.
- 100 grams of snail contain 119 milligrams of eicosapentaenoic acid, or EPA - a long-chain omega-3 fatty acid usually found in seafood. They say an average intake of 250 milligrams a say of this kind of fatty acid may mover your risk of heart disease.
- A serving of snails contains 382 milligrams of potassium, but only 70 mg of sodium -- which means they perfect fair for a low-sodium diet.
- Snails provide 3.5 mgs of iron, or nearly 20% of the daily recommended value. The iron is also in the heme form, which is easier for our bodies to absorb. Other nutrients include Vitamin B12, selenium, vitamin E, phosphorus, and magnesium.
- These snails also contain a glycoprotein, which is believed to have cancer-fighting properties.
- And let's not forget, that they taste great - especially nestled in their shells with a little butter and lots of garlic!

Wild Burgundy Snails of Henri Maire are produced by Potironne Company, which is owned and operated by a professional chef, trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris.