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Henaff Pork Rillettes Spread

4.5 oz tin  -

Henaff pates are produced according to the same recipes that Jean Henaff used in 1907 to preserve a Brittany tradition. Honest to goodness meat pates, devoid of starchy fillers, the little blue tins are recognized by Frenchmen everywhere.

Shredded pork pate spread.

The Genuine Hénaff Pâté is sold by the million each year all around the world. This famous Pâté is made only with pork (96%) including hams and fillets, salt, spices and a fraction of sodium nitrite to keep its lovely pink color. Of course, to make the famous Hénaff Pâté it must be enhanced with the little secret “je ne sais quoi” which is a closely guarded Hénaff family secret. Made exclusively with fresh meat, did you know that the longer it stays in your pantry, the better it gets? That's why we keep it in our warehouse for at least 6 weeks after production.

about the producer

Jean Hénaff wanted to do something for his village, and his friends and the local farmers, who had to deliver their green peas and French beans to factories in Pont- l’Abbé or Quimper. What seemed to be needed was a cannery in Pouldreuzic to process, on site, the vegetables produced in the surrounding areas.

On April 30th 1907, with his two associates (Aristide Gantier and Joseph Stanislas Moreau de Lizoreux), Jean Hénaff started building his cannery just a few meters away form the heart of the village of Pouldreuzic, in the middle of the Pays Bigouden. Jean Hénaff was then 48 years old.

In 1933, Jean Hénaff left the management of the company to his four sons. One of those sons, Corentin, was mayor of Pouldreuzic for 36 years. This function was given up by his father who also left his position as dean of the General Council of Finistère.

in 1963, Jean-Jacques Hénaff, grandson of Jean Hénaff and son of Michel Hénaff, took over the company having just graduated from the business school ESSEC, and back from the USA where he studied at the University of Oregon as a Fullbright scholar.


pork meat, pork fat, salt, pepper