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Haku Mitzunara Whiskey Barrel Aged Shoyu
375ml bottle
- Kyoto, Japan

This shoyu has the mysterious hint, or is it a hit, of that wonderful whiskey barrel. The whiskey doesn't hide behind the shoyu, instead it is part of the overall flavor. At the same time it doesn't scream whiskey. On the contrary it is more like a twist, a wonderful twist. 

This shoyu is first brewed using the traditional shoyu making methods of the Mushiro Koji process. 

So Haku starts with exceptional shoyu. 

Then the shoyu masters age the shoyu in Japanese Whiskey barrels made from Mizunara Hard Wood, a type of Japanese Oak.  

This traditionally fermented and aged Japanese shoyu is amazing, delivering umami and that special something, all in one bottle.  

If you like quality shoyu, you will like this one hands down. The flavor is not overbearing, but delicate with a touch of sweetness, that gives it just that little bit of extra touch that is amazing. A must have, for sure! 

water, soybeans, salt, wheat, alcohol 


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Sensational Shoyu!
This shoyu is terrific - mild, sweet, and delicious. I compared this in a taste test with my old soy sauce that I had in the cupboard, and the old stuff tasted harsh and salty by comparison. I am buying this from now on! This evening, I made a shoyu and lemon balsamic salad dressing from this shoyu, and it was outstanding. Highly recommended.
by Alice Schwartz