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Fratepietro Premium Black Bella di Cerignola Olives

580 ml jar - Cerignola, Italy

These large black Italian olives are from Cerignola, Italy and are incredibly delicious. Unlike the much smaller olives you normally eat, these are gloriously giant with so much flesh it is a joy to pop one in your mouth!

If you have a small mouth you might have to bite a little off at a time.

The pit itself is as big as some olives are. The saltiness of the brine and firm flesh is delicious and satisfying, so much that one olive, plus sucking on the pit, lasts longer and is more satisfying than a bag of potato chips!

The big, mouth-filling olive is firm, with a great crunch, lots of meat to eat, and just the right brine; they are soooo gooood! Get some giant black olives here!