Where are the classes held?
All classes are held in our retail store: 1425 Elliott Ave West, Seattle, WA 98119. See below for parking information.

How long are classes?
You should plan to be here 2 to 2½ hours, including time after class to eat whatever is prepared.

Do I need to register to sign-up for an class?
Yes, you will need to register or "order" a class with ChefShop.com, just like purchasing a product. If you have any trouble or you are not sure if a class is still available, feel free to call us at: 206.286.9988. If you would like to register for multiple classes, please call us about the multi-class discount.

What is the class format?
The format will vary, depending on the class. However, we try to keep the classes small (generally 10-12 participants), so that you can get up-close and personal. In general, the class will be a primarily demonstration, with the potential for participation, if yhou are interested. Class participants get to eat whatever is prepared during class after instruction is complete.

What does the "level" of the class mean?

Within each class description, we indicate the "level" of the class. In reality, it's not a very scientific measure of the difficulty of the class. Most of our classes cover the basics, like cutting skills and how to brown (if it's required in the recipe), so most people are comfortable attending most of our classes regardless of cooking experience. That's because our goal is to get everyone cooking - ideally with good ingredients - because if you have good ingredients, then cooking becomes not only more delicious, but much easier! And even though the classes are mostly straightforward (because cooking should be straightforward), even seasoned cooks appreciate the level of ingredient education they get in our class.  I've had many seasoned cooks complement us on our classes! However, we often get requests for "beginner" classes.  So if you are truely a beginner, look for those classes marked with a level of "beginning". Below is a brief descirption of what the different levels mean:

Beginning: We still assume you can boil water - but not much else.  All techniques are explained and classes will cover many of the basics.  At a minimum, w will cover the technquies needed to make the recipes.

Intermediate: Assumes you know some basics, like cutting and folding and browning.  but even beginners get a lot out of our intermediate classes -- and if we don't cover something or we go too fast, you can always ask.  As Chef Karen likes to say, "Judy Judgement was not invited to the class!"

Advanced: These classes are a little more complicated and assume you have basic knowledge.  But we still may cover some of the basics.  So our "advanced" classes are really intermediate classes with an big ego. Besides, if you come and you feel lost, you can still ask lots of questions.  And at a minimum, you still get to eat some really good food!

So bottom line, if you think you are too unskilled to take our classes, you're probably wrong. Good cooking is a combination of having a good set or recipes, a pantry of good ingredients, and lots and lots of practice. 

What is your cancellation policy for cooking classes?
We will charge your card 12 hours in advance of the class time and date.

We have instances where a group of class registrants have cancelled their reservations only a few days in advance of the scheduled class date. Due to the small class size, last minute cancellations can be devastating to the dynamic of the class. Additionally, although we have wait lists for many classes, it can be vary hard to back-fill those slots at the last minute. With that in mind, you may cancel your registration for a class up to one week in advance of the class starting time. One week is often enough time for us to fill the vacated slots or to contact people on our wait lists. If it is after the 1 week deadline, you should call us and see if we have enough people still on the wait list to fill your vacated slot, but there is no guarantee.

To cancel a registration, call us at 800-596-0885, or email us at ShopKeeper@ChefShop.com. We are here Monday through Friday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. If you can't get through, please leave a phone message with you phone number so that we can call you back.

No refund will be given on classes that are canceled less than 1 week prior to the class. However, exchanges may be allow if space is available and if done so at least 5 days in advance. Just call us and let us know.

ChefShop.com reserves the right to cancel any class due to insufficient enrollment, chef illness or inclement weather. We will contact you by e-mail or telephone and issue a full refund, or you may request to be transferred to another class of your choice (depending on availability). If you miss a class due to weather-related concerns, our standard cancellation policy applies.

What should I wear?
Please wear comfortable, casual clothing and flat comfortable shoes. Please do not wear open toed shoes or sandals, if you plan to volunteer to help cook.

Do I need to bring anything?
No, everything will be provided. You can even come hungry.

Is there wine served during class?
Sometimes there will be wine served during most of the cooking classes, with the exception of the Chocolate-making classes. For that reason, participants must be 21 years or older for the cooking classes, or accompanied by a parent. Please, no exceptions. If you are under 21 and want to come to a class, please look at the chocolate-making classes.

Are there any discounts available?
Yes, there are discounts if you sign up for multiple classes, or if you purchase 4 or more tickets to one class. Please call us to learn about discounts. Cooking Club member also receive an automatic discount -- just remnd us that you are in the club.

What time does the class start?
The class officially starts at 6:30. We ask that participants show up 10 to 15 minutes early to sign in, find a seat and and settle in before the class starts.

Where should I park?
Our address is 1425 Elliott Ave West, Seattle, WA 98119. Our shop is the one with the red awnings. If you are coming from the south, there is a small parking lot just south of our store. If that is full, you can also park in the gravel area just south of The Dog Lounge, or in the large gravel parking lot just south of Champion Party Supply north of us at the light. If coming from the north, there is a big, gravel parking lot right at the traffic light north of our building. Or you can try the same parking areas listed above. If you are coming from the south, and drive past the shop by mistake, take a U-turn at the second traffic light, and pull into the gravel parking lot at the next light - at the on-ramp to the Magnolia Bridge.

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