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""Chef story was great. Instruction was also good. But I was especially impressed with what Eliza said. It was very clear she has a passion for good ingredients and, as the evening processed, that passion became contagious.  Although [my wife] and I cook with fresh ingredients, we don't always pay attention to the pantry quality. We will going forward.  [And] I will always remember, there is a difference between "taste" and "flavor"."  -- Swen, Seattle

"My friends and I enjoyed the dessert class. We loved the friendly, relaxed atmosphere and being able to sample everything. We canceled our plans for a late dinner because we were so full. I knew it would be fun, but thought it might be too "haute cuisine" for me and intimidating. Instead, Lauren prepared things that could be done by anyone who loves to bake and cook; no need for expensive cooking utensils or a big, fancy kitchen. We liked that she used ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry or that can be easily found at the grocery store right along with products from Chefshop. She had a nice assortment of treats; a good balance of sweet and savory. My favorite was the panettone bread pudding and the tuna butter. The tuna butter has been a favorite everywhere I've taken it. The advantage of taking a class at Chefshop is getting to shop for ingredients afterwards, which we had so much fun doing. We are hoping you will have more of these events."  - Elaine, Seattle

"I couldn't be more impressed with Lauren's teaching or the set up for cooking classes at ChefShop. Lauren is obviously a talented, creative chef who is also an excellent and easily approachable teacher. The class is intimate and relaxed with tasty treats of food and wine to accompany your evening. When I first researched cooking classes in Seattle I sought out a class where the students could be cooking, thinking that was the best way to learn. I quickly discovered that such classes only lead to me cooking the way I already know - just with new recipes. WIth Lauren's classes you glean knife skills, preparation and plating skills along with her cooking wisdom. Finally, the ChefShop is full of gourmet delectables not easily found in in easy to find location with plenty of free parking. For what you would typically spend on a nice dinner you get that and much much more!"
- Kate, Seattle

"Lots of good information and some fine ideas for what to do with some of the less familiar beans. Lauren's presentation bounces and darts around happily, but clearly demonstrates how best to work with the main ingredient. And afterward, we destroyed the evidence!" - Dave, Bellevue

"Great class. Great people. Great store with great products. Only suggestion would have been just a little more hands on or maybe one of those mirrors to be able to see how the chef was cooking :) I will certainly return to experience the class again and to purchase some of the wonderful products they carry. - Mike, Seattle

"Wonderful evening - very informative - passionate people." - Naomi, Bellevue

"The owner is incredibly knowledgeable about al of the ingredients . The chef was fun and inviting. I recommend this class!" - Mark, Seattle

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