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  • Chocolat Moderne Bonbon Selects 48


Chocolat Moderne Bonbon Selects 48*

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This is ultimate collection of all the Bonbons that Chocolat Moderne has! 

Pre-order by Thanksgiving weekend. These are a made-to-order chocolates and will take up to two weeks to finish. We plan to have them to you before the 24th of December.

This selection of 48 includes all of the smaller box of 12 and the 12 additional flavors from the box of 24. We then added an additional selection of 24 more bonbons. This is a lot of chocolate for someone who is really special! Or the perfect size for a party!

*Packaging may vary. Chocolate selection collection may vary slightly based on natural ingredients availabilty and harvest.

If ordering other items, please place separate orders, or your entire order may be delayed.


Bergamot: Blended dark and milk ganache with Bergamot

Baklava: Walnut almond praline, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and salted caramel

Kalamata Olive: Caramel with kalamata olive, sea salt, and olive oil

Green Tea: White ganache with matcha, green tea and a splash of pear

Yuzu Honey: Dark milk ganache with yuzu and honey

Mango: Mango caramel with vanilla bean

Hazelnut Hysteria: Hazelnut praline with milk chocolate

Parlez Pistache: Pistachio white chocolate preline with rice crisps

Raspberry Rendez-vous Dark: Raspberry pate de Fruit on 64% Madagascan Ganache

Champagne Chic: Milk/Dark ganache with chardonnay brandy

Maple Mantra (Milk): Salted caramel with pure maple syrup and spices

The Lover - Orange: Passion fruit cardamom caramel

Halva: Sesame tahini preline with white chocolate

Fig and Port:  Fig and port wine dark/milk ganache

Pomengranate Rose: Dark chocolate ganache with pomegranate and rose water

Adzuki Bean: Whtie ganache with adzuki and a splash of raspberry

Sesame Shichimi: Sesame tahini milk chocolate, chili and genger spice blend

Shiso Lime: Dark ganache with shiso and lime

Madame X'tasy Dark: Espresso, sea slat and dark chocolate caramel

Smoked Sea Salt (Dark): Salted caramel with coarse smoked sea salt crystals

Havana Heat: 64% madagascan ganache wtih habanero pepper

Peanut Pizzazz: Salted peanut and milk chocolate praline

Smoked Sea Salt (Milk): Salted caramel with coarse smoked sea salt crystals

Coconut Coast: White ganache with coconut milk

Caramel Caresse: Poire williams pear and eaude vie caramel

La Dolce Grapefruit: Caramel with fresh grapefruit juice

Mon Petit Kumquat: Kumquat pate de fruit on 66% caribbean ganache

Rhapsody in Green: Caramel with green apples and calvados

The Payer: 72% venezuelan ganache with peaty single malt scotch

Les Nymphs: Lychee pate de fruit on dark lychee ganache

Don Juan: 72% venezuelan ganache

Banana Flambee (Dark): Caramel with bananas and cognac

Bazar (Dark): Fleshly made almond marzipan

Baby (Milk): Milk ganache with hudson whiskey NY bourbon

Banana Flambee (Milk): Caramel with bananas and cognac

Bazar (Milk): Freshly made almond marzipan

Kashmir Spice: Milk ganache with cardamom, cinnamon and cloves

Never to Late: Pure milk chocolate ganache

Smoked Sea Salt (White): Salted caramel with coarse smoked sea salt crystals
all devotion

Maple Magic (White): Salted caramel with pure maple syrup

Cherry Vanilla Milk (Milk): Amarena cherry in vanilla-infused syrup

Raspberry Rendez-vous Heart: 64% madagascan ganache with raspberries

Don Juan Heart (Milk): 72% venezuelan ganache

The Player Heart: 72% venzuelan ganache with Peaty Single Malt Scotch

Oyasumi Orange Heart: 64% Dominican ganache with orange zest and ginger

Hazelnut Hysteria Heart (Milk): Hazelnut praline with milk chocolate

Wild Strawberry Heart: Wild strawberries in strawberry balsamic syrup