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The Stennes Family Farm grows some of the finest fruits. We visit the secret orchard of the giant Rainier Cherry and a quick visit to the hand line sorting facility that your cherries come from.

*** KUDOS for Our Cherries! ***

"I just wanted to compliment you on the last order of cherries I received from you. They were the best cherries I've ever eaten. They were huge, meaty, and sweet. I didn't spot a single--not one--blemish in the whole batch. Thank you...I'll be a repeat customer for sure!"  --Maura

"The best cherries ever, delivered to your door."     --Bon Appetit Magazine

 "Our food editors are wild for the Bing cherries grown  ... in Washington State. Shipped right after being picked, each red globe is firm, juicy, and bursting with sweet flavor."   --Gourmet Magazine

"When I tasted the Bing cherries from ... [], I thought I had died and gone to Heaven."  --Marian Burros, The New York Times


* Early Robin Cherries: An early-season Rainier-like, light-skinned, sweet cherry. Perfect for people who are sensitive to acid. (Estimated SHIPPING: DONE)

* Bing Cherries: Famous Bings are delicious, dark-red, sweet cherries. Firm and juicy. (Estimated SHIPPING: DONE)

* Rainier Cherries: The quintessential Washington cherries, rare outside of the state. Rainiers have a pale, yellow-ish pink-ish skin, with a very sweet flavor. Also low acid, not as low acid as the Early Robins. (Estimated SHIPPING: DONE)

* Lapin Cherries: Lapins are big, firm, almost crunchy to the bite, and lusciously juicy. Big and meaty. Hard to come by outside of the region. (Estimated SHIPPING DONE)

* Sweetheart Cherries: The last to ripen, Sweethearts have a hint more tang to their sweetness, and they're not as enormous as the Lapins. If you like that tart, cherry flavor, these are the cherries for you. These are the best for baking and preserving. (Estimated SHIPPING: Week of 07.18.21 - most likely)

Can't choose?
Order our Full Quintet of Fresh Cherries: one box of each variety delivered over the course of the Washington Cherry Season!


Call us (206.286.9988) if you're shipping within WA state or to northern OR for special lower pricing. If you place an order online, and we will automatically change your pricing to "local" pricing.

If you are able to pick your cherries up at our SEATTLE STORE you have more choices! Your cherry choices are:
"PERFECT" Cherries - Sorted once in Eastern Washington and then sorted again by us
"SORTED ONCE" Cherries - Sorted once in Eastern Washington, NOT sorted again by us
"REJECTS" Cherries - What we pull out to get the PERFECT box of cherries.

Call for pricing and you can pick what you want. Also helps us, because we don't want a single eatable cherry to go to waste. 

For more information about shipping, pricing or gift orders, or if you have any questions about our fresh Washington cherries for sale: CLICK HERE

**Quintet, Seasons and 8-pound & 10-pound boxes of fresh cherries not eligible for any discounts - including newsletter discounts.

**Call for pricing on orders of larger than 8/10 pounds delivered.

**Once-sorted (in Eastern Washington) cases of cherries also available at special rate as well. Cases sizes vary, depending on if they were packed for the US market or for the Asian market.

Thank you Drew! I couldn't find the store pickup option and missed it. I so appreciate your service and that you guys have so much in stock! You're the best respite during this crazy period. (Hi Eliza!)

— Jody Pineda