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  • Brontedolci Pistachio Torrone Morbido al Pistacchio


Brontedolci Pistachio Torrone

150g - Bronte, Sicily

Finissima Pasticceria Brontese. Soft Pastachio Nougat with Wafer Covering.

To the nose it is pistachio, it is distinclty Sicilian pistachio.

To cut through with a butter knife it is resistant and takes some work.

The result is visually amazing. It's green inside. You see a sea of pistachios, the pistachios that have just been cut in half with a bit of nougat holding it all together.

It's pistachio nougat, not nougat with pistachios! You can bite it with ease, without a sticky resistance. Not quite a crunch from the pistachios (though these pistachios don't often crunch anyways) completes the chew.

And it is a good chew!

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