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  • Blacklick Spice Papaya Mango Passion Hot Pepper Sauce


Blacklick Spice Papaya Mango Passion Hot Pepper Sauce

5 oz bottle - Sugar Land, TX

heat level: medium

Reminicent of fruit punch, in additional to other fruit flavors, this is another very unique hot sauce.

Ingredients: papaya, mango, passion fruit, vinegar, guava, spice, banana, pepper, mammy, guanabana, scotch bonnetsm carambola, madagascar bourbn vanilla extract, garlic

Blacklick Hot
Papaya mango passion Sauce

The color is similar to a salad dressing. Like the creamy sort, toward the yellow brown orange look.

To the nose it is a sort of citrus agro dolce.

To the tip of the tongue there's a citrus feel and when you squeeze it you get a rising feel at the top of the mouth which is the mango..

The salt is obvious and as you squeeze, you feel the citrus or you feel mango or you feel fruit, I think you feel fruit.

The heat is pointed and definitely there but definitely round. It is a round heat! Very fun! Very pleasant!


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