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  • Bittermens Orchard Street Celery Shrub Bitters


Bittermens Orchard Street Celery Shrub Bitters - 5 oz bottle - New York

What's a shrub? As it turns out, shrubs were extremely common way back when – a vinegar-based refreshers, many times combined with alcohol or allowed to ferment so they had a bit of a kick.

But when Bittermens was thinking about the Lower East Side, one of the classic flavors during the tenement era was Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray Soda, a celery soda so popular during the ’30s, it was nicknamed the Jewish Champagne. Though the only flavor that is declared is celery seed, there was probably a bit of ginger and apple in there somewhere.

Bittermens took an idea of a brine, a shrub and a classic soda and decided to dedicate it to Orchard Street, home of the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. Funny that something that we made to honor the Eastern European immigrant experience works so damned well with Scandinavian Aquavit!

About Bittermens Bitters:

Founded in 2007 by Avery and Janet Glasser, Bittermens Small Batch Bitters are making their mark on the American pallet in many major cities through out the US. Cocktail and Bartenders alike are rediscovering the long lost art of bitters, and discovering new combinations and favors - all finding their place within the modern cocktail scene.

Avery and Janet are using high proof spirit and a variety of mostly organic herbs, peels and spices to make their signature flavors, including a traditional Mexican mole - the prototype for their Xocolati Mole Bitters. All are crafted in small batches and by hand in Louisiana, LA facility.