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  • Artisan Old-Fashioned Malt Vinegar


Artisan Old-Fashioned Malt Vinegar

250 ml bottle - Coverack, Cornwall (UK)

Skip who first "invented" chips. Some think the French did, though they don't seem to like fried potatoes called French fries.

When you think of Fish and Chips you think of England, where there are 10,500 "chippies" (the shops that sell fish and chips), serving 360 million fish and chip meals a year.

When you think of England's national dish, you think of Fish and Chips - but that's not it. Their most popular national dish is Chicken Tikka Masala.

Though from what I can tell, there actually is no official dish...

The first and very best fish and chips I have ever eaten were from a chippy window somewhere near Gatwick airport. I was staying in a historic Coach Inn where you still had to wear a coat and tie to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So instead of putting on clothes after a day of shooting in a hangar, I ventured out at the recommendation of the concierge to have fish and chips from the local spot.

It came wrapped in newspaper and I consumed the whole thing in my room. This was almost 38 years ago and I still remember the bite, the taste, and the total feel of this meal. It was awesome!

And that’s why we have this vinegar and why my memories came swimming back to me.

This Malt Vinegar is made just for fish and chips. Well, not really, but gosh darn it, it is perfect for fish and chips.

This Artisan Malt Vinegar is special. It is made in oak barrels and fermented up to a year using Maris Otter 2-row barley malt (the favored malt of English brewers) and the local Cornish spring water, which are both key ingredients to creating this exquisite Malt Vinegar.

A cool sidebar is that as it ages, the vinegar is protected by really thick walls in a bomb shelter in the middle of nowhere.

This vinegar is dark and full of flavor. It is vinegar and it is malt, it is very smooth with only a little acid vinegar finish. Think of a classic English ale with notes of chocolate, caramel and the hint of oak. It shares the thick richness of a stout, but it is not cloudy.

This is a wonderful vinegar to add to your collection for many dishes; and this Malt Vinegar really shines when shaken over fish and chips!


ingredients: Malt vinegar (contains barley)