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  • Antesite Licorice and Anis Concentrate


Antesite Anis and Licorice Concentrate

4.4 oz bottle - Cedex, France

Anis Syrup
The translation is not clear, but the story goes that Antesite is the creation of a man who had an apothecary who was asked by the railway owner to help fight the alcoholism of the workers working in the heat of the summer. He did so creating this amazing liquid.

What is inside this bottle is the same secret recipe as it was in 1898. It only takes a few drops in water to create the “anti-thirst” drink. No sugar or added sweeteners in the ingredients, this bottle can create over 22 gallons of “flavored” water.

Use with water of course, it is also very popular to make creative drinks that might include alcohol. The Antesite Anis and Licorice Concentrate is a great addition to your pantry and bar.

To the nose it has a powerful smell of anis. To the mouth it has a less pronounced anis and more of a sweet feel initially. In the end, as you suck your tongue up to the top of the mouth and squeeze, you taste what you smell. The Antesite Anis and Licorice Concentrate is quite sweet but not in an overly sugary way.

Ingredients: Water, licorice, star anise natural flavor, natural flavors, extract of gentian. Without alcohol, colourants or preservatives. Without added sugar or sweetener.

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