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  • Andres Leckerli Cookies - Swiss Treat


Andres Leckerli Cookies - LG

12 oz (24 cookies) - Missouri, US

Swiss spiced cookie made with honey, almonds, orange and lemon peel.

There is something special about these spice cookies! They have this wonderful chewy bite that, for me, is totally addictive.

My first taste of these cookies brought back a rush of memories. I had tried this cookie before, in Switzerland, on a whim, I expect, as a treat that looked interesting. By the time I realized I really liked them, I had moved on to another country.

Many years later, sample packages of leckerli arrived at my door, and that rush of memory flooded my taste buds.

The first thing I noticed about the cookies is the thickness—too tall for a gingerbread man and too short for a cake; firm to the touch but not hard, squeezable if you put your thumb into it.

You see white sugar splashes and almonds that tell you the bite is going to be interesting.

When you do take your first taste, you are very aware of the firmness, yet the bite is easy with the occasional crunch from the almonds. It takes more than one chew, which I am thankful for as it is so enjoyable to eat. To me, in many ways, this is the most addictive element of this cookie. It is super pleasurable!

The flavor showcases a wonderful blend of ingredients—honey, almonds, orange peel, lemon peel, kirsch, and spices—perfectly balanced. Not one element stands out over the others.

If you have just one a day, the larger offering will last you for 24 days. This assumes you don’t share and can manage enough restraint to eat only one at a time. I ate 12 just writing about them. And now I need to eat 12 more to confirm my taste memory…


ingredients: honey, wheat flour, sugar, almonds, orange peel, lemon peel, kirsch, spices, baking soda, bakers ammonia