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  • Roasted California Almonds with Controne Hot Pepper


Roasted California Almonds with Controne Hot Pepper

5.5 oz jar - California

Finding Hot Nuts
the need for snacks...

There are a lot of people in the world these days.

In the U.S. there are about 17.6 million undergraduate students for this 21/22 college year.

That means there is a lot of students going out to clubs and bars to do college type work.

Finding hot nuts and other snacks at the bar is one of the new found joys when coming of age at college. Looking for free food at the bar today comprised of pea nuts, pretzels, or chips. Salty stuff to make you drink more. Gone are the days where you could get real protein like hardboiled eggs.

This doesn’t mean you still can’t crave a good hot, spicy nut like these Controne Hot Pepper Roasted Almonds.

What you get here is a good firm, crunchy almond. A quite perfect mouth feel and a little flavor that dances on the tongue. It is not a heat that makes you go yikes; it is more like a wonderful pleasant round heat that you can feel inside your upper inner cheeks.

I quite expected it to be a nut too hot to handle, but I was happily surprised.

These are good. Addictive even. Try one, one at a time.

ingredients: Almonds, organic EV Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Controne Hot Pepper

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