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Trio of Balsamic

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Thinly Sliced Trappist Abbey Fruitcake This is a story of love lost
a gift, a helmet, and true love.

It started quite simply like all Hallmark movies (that i love) where a jilted lover was given a symbol of hostility and a breakup gift just before the holiday. The gift, as you might have deduced, was a simple fruitcake.

What she (the giver) did not realize was that a Trappist Abbey Fruitcake is a very special cake. With a long history (especially in the 18th century) when fruitcakes were considered sinful.

And so with a heavy heart and a one pound cake, the recipient, who we will call William, left dejected and in pain. Donning his Panoply, he trudged to the nearest cafe for a cup of joe.

As he sat at the little round table made of wood, he sipped his cappuccino thru his Armet, with great difficulty I might add. As he removed his gauntlets, and tried desperately to take a bite of the “parting” gift, he failed miserably, like his now defunct relationship.

The story should end here, all sad and stuff, but instead, a strong but gentle voice, a dame they say named Joan, spoke, “I can help with that if you are willing to share.” she said. Will turned quickly to see who had spoken and found a shining light blasting around Joan's head, (she sat with her back to the picture window) and an arming sword at the ready. He flinched, knowing this was the end to a long day....

Instead of him, Joan sliced a paper thin piece, “This fruitcake is a perfect match to go with a holiday fire. And when paired with a cup of hot chocolate or tea, you have the formula for a calm life.” she said.

And so the story goes that the secret key to a happy life is with a fruitcake experience that is not chunked into a mass that is so big that you can’t fit through the slit in your helmet, but instead, when thinly sliced (frozen or chilled makes it easier) the fruitcake becomes easy to eat and you will create a very special and long lasting relationship.

This unseemly and often made fun of cake is actually really, really, rather good! Cheers!

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* pralus chocolate Dark Infernale
The most decadent, almond, hazelnut, chocolate bar you will ever sink your teeth into! This thick, creamy, treat is big and perfect for a stocking. It really says Santa cares!

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* honey drops Christollen
A traditional loaf-shaped German sweet bread made with candied orange peels, golden raisins, rum and marzipan and covered with powdered sugar or icing. Originating from Dresden, Germany, stollen is usually eaten during the Christmas season when called Christstollen. Baked fresh.

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* torrone Pistachio Torrone
This delicious soft torrone, or nougat, from Antica Torroneria Piedmontese is loaded with pistachios and almonds - an ideal gift for pistachio lovers! From the same excellent makers as our classic torrone. Presented in a colorful green box, this is a stocking stuffer that won't be missed - if you can even get it in the stocking.

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* brandy butter Brandy Butter
Flavored with real French brandy, this brandy butter is a cookie dough lover's delight. The perfect topping for your hot plum pudding, once you have had this magic combination, there's no going back! Think liquid butter full of brandy!

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* honey Christmas Bush Honey

Imagine a coastal area filled with thousands of prickly bushes covered in millions of tiny white flowers the shape of a bursting stars. This is the Christmas Bush of Tasmania. Julian produces a relatively small amount of this 'Special Reserve' honey - so don't wait. Its flavor is mellower than the Leatherwood Honey, slightly herbaceous with marzipan tones.

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San Giacomo Trio of Balsamic

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The Perfect Gift
For the Food Lover
The Trio of San Giacomo Balsamico

Family and maturity both play a part in this wonderful line up. It’s the perfect way for anyone to see, smell and taste how balsamic vinegar matures and grows up as it passes from barrel to barrel, year to year.

When you can compare these treats all at one tasting, and when it all comes from the same person/Acetaia, it’s eye opening and pretty special.

After tasting, you might want to pour Essenza on your salad, and everything else, in fact. But tasted alone it’s spectacular, and with one other food, like Parmigiano-Reggiano, it’s divine; it enhances the flavor of the cheese while at the same time the cheese returns the favor and it will seem that the vinegar is even more alive!

But when asked to play in a crowded flavor playing field of say a salad, it’s subtlety and nuance are lost. On the other hand, Agro di Mosto has the bite and the punch to be aggressive in a crowded place, still stand out without being lost. A much better pairing for day-to-day life.

San Giacomo can go either way, from a salad to a strawberry. Enough fight in it to stand up at a game and enough maturity to hold it’s own at a ball.

See the notes on each, The Trio is perfect for you and as one of the best gifts for a food person this year!

Shop now for the Trio of Balsamic!

Cocoa Powder
This is fabulous cocoa and makes the best brownies. Once you have a bag you'll be happy. It is also a fabulous gift!

olive oil
Les Terroirs de Marrakech

This delicately complex aroma takes in almonds, culinary herbs with a touch of basil, lemons and sweet bananas. There is also a hint of woody hedgerows and wet grass. A gorgeous bottle to give and keep!

olive oil

Shipping Cut Off for Ground Shipments is Monday December 16. Orders must be place by the morning of Dec 16th. Don't hesitate!

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Shop hours are Monday thru Friday 10 to 5 Saturday 10 to 5, Sunday 11 to 4. New stuff is still arriving. We don't know what will be in by the weekend… some brand new French delicacies are here. They are brick and mortar store only.

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