At we search the world to find the best of the best, from giant Reed Avocados to Estate Grown EV Olive Oils. We source hard-to-find foods created by small family owned producers--like 100-year-old balsamic vinegar and picked-at-their-peak Rainier cherries. We value provenance, ingredients, and process. And we taste test and use everything we sell.

  Pasta Aisle Pasta Aisle

"Everything you see I owe to spaghetti." -- Sophia Loren, actress
Shop now for Italian Pasta!

  San Giacomo Tradizionale Balsamic Red Seal Vinegar San Giacomo Balsamic Vinegar

What Gourmet Magazine says. " Antica Acetaia San Giacomo's 12-year old balsamic vinegar has a complex taste and a thick, syrupy texture that trump older vintages we've tried. "
Shop now for San Giacomo Tradizonale 12 \-yr Red Seal Balsamic Vinegar!

  Quinoa Quinoa Category

Quinoa and Recipes Here. Shop now for Quinoa!

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  Soy Sauce - Shoyu Category Aisle Soy Sauce can be AMAZING!

There are many artisan-made shoyu (Japanese soy sauce) producers and many artisan-made products made all across Japan. The finest and most unique shoyu soy sauce for sale are produced by small, family-run shoyu breweries that use quality ingredients and traditional, labor-intensive production methods. Real shoyu takes time. Like a fine wine or a traditional balsamic, aged shoyu is truly special. Shop now for different flavors of Soy Sauce!

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  Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey Drops Yuzu Kosho

The best little drops of honey made from the famed Leatherwood Honey. The honey lovers honey in a form you can POP in your mouth. Shop now The best Drops of Honey!

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  Tuna Fish Category Shop the Tuna Fish Aisle

Great canned tuna is like a food group in it's own world! From a cracker to a dish. Think of it as diet food or the perfect snack food. This is the way canned should be. Shop now for Tuna Fish!

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  The Giant Reed Avocado The Giant Reed Avocados

Over a month away from Harvest there will be a limited supply of the giant fruit this year, again. Please order early to hold you place in line. First come first serve! Not all orders can be filled every year.
Pre-order now for your Reed Avocados!

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  Fastachi Nut Mix Fastachi Carnberry Nut Mix

So much better than the other mixes because these nuts in your hand are better than anything else! Roasted to perfection.

Fastachi Nuts simply roasted in small batches with just sea salt, for clarity, perfection and clean, distinctive flavors. We have enjoyed this mix for years, and in fact carried them many moons ago. This year we brought them back after visiting the shop this past summer. Perfect for an office snack or a party mix, these are good! Shop now for Cranberry Nut Mix!

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  Pasta with Tuna Recipe Katz Farm

Albert and Kim Katz have been making great food for almost forever! These two oils are some of the best on the planet and from California. Check out all the cool stuff they make. Check out Katz Farm!

  Raw Honey Category Tuna Fish

These raw honeys from the world's flowers are taste selected and chosen for their uniqueness of flavor, color, handling. With a few exceptions they are mono floral honeys. Given that bees will fly up to a five mile radius to gather nectar finding true mono florals is a challenge. Choose a Raw Honey now!

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  Coconut Milk Cream Natural Coconut Cream

A fruit or drupe, this nut is not a nut and not nearly as dangerous as one is led to believe. Contrary to popular belief, these nuts are not deadly. As the common saying goes “if the fall doesn't hurt you, you'll be better for it. “ Just a few hundred people a year die from coconuts falling on their head worldwide, so one is reasonably safe unless there's a coconut tree nearby. 
Shop Coconut Cream!

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  ChefShop Cocoa Powder ChefShop Cocoa Powder

Best Cocoa on the Planet *****
" I have been using this exclusively for years now. I have a 'secret' brownie recipe that I make with this cocoa, syrup made from the cocoa and only the best ingredients. Everyone goes ga-ga over them. Syrup - so easy to make - anything that calls for cocoa I use this. Sometimes I mix just a touch into my coffee from a treat. If you have not tried this yet you need to. You WILL NOT be disappointed!!! "
from Ellie Mae

Shop now for cocoa powder with 24% cocoa butter!

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  Fresh Washington Cherries Fresh Washington Sweet Cherries

"The best cherries ever, delivered to your door." -Bon Appetit Magazine

"Our food editors are wild for the Bing cherries grown ... in Washington State. Shipped right after being picked, each red globe is firm, juicy, and bursting with sweet flavor." --Gourmet Magazine

"When I tasted the Bing cherries from ... [], I thought I had died and gone to Heaven." --Marian Burros, The New York Times Pre-order your Cherries for 2018!


  Gift Certificate of the Giant Reed Avocado The Giant Reed Avocado

Giving the wonderful gift of the Avocado is special. These giant, amazing fruit are one of those gifts that you can share at the holidays and share again at the end of the summer!
Give the Gift of Wonder! The Giant Reed Avocado!

  Chefshop Cooking Classes 2018 ChefShop's 2018 Cooking Classes

New Classes have been added with new recipes!

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