At we search the world to find the best of the best, from giant Reed Avocados to Estate Grown EV Olive Oils. We source hard-to-find foods created by small family owned producers--like 100-year-old balsamic vinegar and picked-at-their-peak Rainier cherries. We value provenance, ingredients, and process. And we taste test and use everything we sell.

  Olio Nuovo New Oils 2018 New Oils of 2017

Olio nuovo, Olio Novello, December's New Oil. It's all about the new harvest this fall of 2017. The oils are quite robust this year! Read the tasting notes here. They are only like this once a year for a very short time. Shop now for New Oils!

  Balsamic Vinegar category with a wide ranging selection Balsamic Vinegar

We have a wonderful selection of Balsamic Vinegars from Italy. Shop now for Balsamic Vinegar!

  Bitters for cooking and  drinking Bitters Category

Bitters are not just for cocktails. In fact, historically-speaking, before the prohibition, they were a standard part of every pantry - and used extensively in cooking and baking. Bitters add a flavor and bitter component that make many dishes sing! They include aromatics, citrus, and other unique flavors you just won't find anywhere else. But we don't just have bitters either, we have syrups, cherries, and more! Shop now for Bitters!

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  Honey from the Worlds Flowers World of Honey

Solid? Liquid? Good for you? Bad for you? Confused about honey?  Read our articles about honey here, and learn more about what to look for and, just as important, what to avoid: All About Honey Article

And peruse our selection of raw, mostly mono-floral honeys (and a few wild flower honeys) from around the world.  Shop now for Honey from the Worlds Flowers!

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  Asian Ingredients Pantry Asian Ingredients

From a 250 year old organic Shoyu recipe or an earthen crock buried in the ground to make a 1000 year old recipe of 100% brown rice vinegar, we hunt and gather to find the finest Asian ingredients anywhere! Shop now in the Asian Pantry!

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  Shoyu - Soy Sauce of all kinds Shoyu Category

There are many artisan-made shoyu (Japanese soy sauce) producers and many artisan-made products made all across Japan. The finest and most unique shoyu soy sauce for sale are produced by small, family-run shoyu breweries that use quality ingredients and traditional, labor-intensive production methods. Real shoyu takes time. Like a fine wine or a traditional balsamic, aged shoyu is truly special. Shop now for Soy Sauce!

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  Herbs and Spices Category Herbs and Spices Category

Finding great herbs and spices is part finding cool, hard-to-find ones and balancing with finding the freshest that are available. Shop now for Herbs and Spices!

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  Inaka Udon Noodles Noodles Udon

Making your own udon noodle is as easy as udon noodles in wok making most noodles. Salt, water, flour, mixed, kneaded, rolled, cut. It’s great if you want a quiet moment for yourself, and nothing beats freshly cut noodles.

On the other hand, when you want to savor the time you have to be blissful with your udon noodle soup instead, and not making oodles of noodles, then Inaka Udon is the right choice to make. These chewy, soft, fat noodles make for a wonderful carrier for something green and a little protein. Shop now for Inaka Udon!

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  Pasta with Tuna Recipe Pasta with Tuna Recipe

Pasta is so perfect when you make it with a simple recipe! Just a great olive oil. And add a few capers, maybe a chopped up artichoke, and top with a crumbled can of tuna! Check out the Recipe - simple Tuna with Capers!

  Ancient Grains Ancient Grains

Choosing grains is not as simple as finding one that tastes good. Though that is critical, the heritage of the grain is important as well. Where it comes from, its history, its lineage. How close it is to the original grain from the fertile crescent. We are always looking and updating. Not all the grains we have are "old", but it is important. Shop now for Ancient Grains!

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  Moroccan Pantry Moroccan Pantry

With all cuisines, quality of your ingredients makes a world of difference. Check out our selection of high-end Moroccan food ingredients, including harissa, ras el hanout, couscous, preserved lemons, cumin, turmeric, argan oil, olive oil, and more. Moroccan Chicken Tagine, here you come!
Shop in the Moroccan Pantry!

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  ChefShop Cocoa Powder ChefShop Cocoa Powder

Great Stuff *****
Bought for a truffle-making Christmas. Wow, this is the best! I have always loved Valhrona, but glad I gave this a try. I planned to share/ gift give, as 500 truffles later, I've hardly used any......... Can't say enough great things about it. ....
from Victor Hazan

Shop now for cocoa powder with 22% cocoa butter!

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  Fresh Washington Cherries Fresh Washington Sweet Cherries

"The best cherries ever, delivered to your door." -Bon Appetit Magazine

"Our food editors are wild for the Bing cherries grown ... in Washington State. Shipped right after being picked, each red globe is firm, juicy, and bursting with sweet flavor." --Gourmet Magazine

"When I tasted the Bing cherries from ... [], I thought I had died and gone to Heaven." --Marian Burros, The New York Times Pre-order your Cherries for 2018!


  Gift Certificate of the Giant Reed Avocado The Giant Reed Avocado

Giving the wonderful gift of the Avocado is special. These giant, amazing fruit are one of those gifts that you can share at the holidays and share again at the end of the summer!
Give the Gift of Wonder! The Giant Reed Avocado!

  Chefshop Cooking Classes 2018 ChefShop's 2018 Cooking Classes

The 2018 Early Schedule is up and ready for reservations! Check out and find a class that fills the second brain! Don't see a class you want let us know what you are looking for.

2018 Cooking Classes are here!