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Sea SaltSea Salt
Sea Salt is in fact salt of the sea. From around the globe there is salt from every ocean available. Some are good and some are less so. Though it is really hard to do, tasting salt is eye opening! Salts can taste completely different. Without the stuff some put on so the salt will "flow" without caking, the salts can have distinct flavors. One salt tasted like the water that one used to swallow as a child, others are truly "salty" and others, like those from the Guerande, are the sweetest salt you will ever have.
Smoked SaltSmoked Salt
Smoked salt is salt that has a flavorful aroma that imparts the smell of smoke. The Namahage Iburi-Jio is an amazing smoked salt. The smell is real and the flavor is smoky. And like any good artisan made food, the result is pure and a wonderful finish without the effects of chemicals that so many products have now.
Exotic SaltsExotic & Flavored Salts
Exotic? Perhaps unusual is a better description. Ones you don't see everyday or even use. Though once you have tried them you might be more inclined to. Some of these salts are mind blowing different and why we love them so much.
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Pernigotti Cocoa Powder - Italy

Pernigotti Cocoa Powder - Italy
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Oatmeal, Organic Stone-Cut from Scotland

Oatmeal, Organic Stone-Cut from Scotland
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Sacred Sea Albacore Tuna (Oregon)

Sacred Sea Albacore Tuna (Oregon)
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