About our Parmigiano-Reggiano DOP Cheese:

This cheese comes from a mountain farm located near the small village of Tizzano Val Perma in the Apennine Mountains. It is one of the mountain cheese houses. The milk for their cheese production comes from 15 different local dairies all located within 30 kilometers of the cheese house. The owner of the cheese house, Giovanni, says that the cows from which the milk is harvested are 50% Bruna Alpina cows, and 50% Frisona -- with a few Vacche Rossa and Montbeillards thrown in. The average life span of the cows is 8-10 years, which is a good indication that the cows are not pushed for maximum milk production. All reflecting well on the final results.

We sell three "types" of Parmigiano-Reggiano DOP, defined by season. Click on the different Parmigianos below, Spring, Summer and Winter, to learn how they differ.

How the Parm Program Works:

We cut our wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano DOP cheese and ship the same day. That way you get the freshest cheese possible - which means the best flavor. Once we sell 3/4 a wheel, we call our cutters and set a date. We try our best to estimate when we plan to cut and ship the cheese before that, based on past experience and how quickly the wheel is selling, but that can be notoriously uncertain. But, we can't actually schedule anything until we sell at least 3/4 of a wheel of cheese. So, the cut and ship dates are estimates until we've sold enough cheese - at which points we get more specific. So, the initial date is still just an estimate, and may be pushed back. If you want your amazing parm sooner, tell your friends to buy parmesan cheese online too. The faster we sell a wheel, the sooner we cut and ship. I know the uncertainty can be hard for some - but in my mind mind well worth the wait.

Note About Gift Orders:
A PDF Cheese Certificates as emailed to purchaser within 24-48 hours of ordering. The certificate indicates to whom the Parmigiano-Reggiano DOP is being sent, as well as who the gift is from. If there is no separate ship-to name and address, the "to" section of the certificate will be left blank, so that you can print it and fill it out however you wish. If you need us to mail a physical certificate to the gift recipient, please let us know. In all cases, the more information we have about what you would like to see on the certificate, and where you want the certificate to be sent, the better.