We offer wholesale pricing on Agostoni Chocolate for order of 4 and 12 kilos. For wholesale pricing, please call or see quantity pricing on each of the product pages.

It all started in 1924 a pastry chef from Tournon created a chocolate factory which eventually achieved a worldwide recognition - and in 1984 became the first to offer a dark chocolate with 70% cocoa. Valrhona's idea was soon picked up by others, and today, we are thrilled to offer a highly selective assortment of excellent baking chocolates.

If you are looking to the highest-quality dark baking chocolates and couvertures -- look no further. We carry many single-origin baking chocolates -- including the famed Cru Sauvage (Cru Savage or Wild Chocolate) from Bolivia. Our baking chocolates are also great to just eat out the bag - a perfect sized bit, and usually cheaper too!

We also carry many hard-to-find items, such as cocoa nibs and caramelized cocoa nibs, which are great over ice cream and creme brulee, and Valhrona white chocolate - which is put through a special process to bring out that exceptional slightly-caramel flavor!

For more information about chocolate and some of our favorite artisan chocolate producers, click on our newsletter tab and search on chocolate to find any archived articles about chocolate. Then just imagine the sweet smell of chocolate as you read about Francois Pralus or Cru Sauvage -- yum!